Ophir Rev 30 years evolution in the IT Industries gives us the upper hand in understanding our customer’s needs. We are able not only to solve your solution but to consult you on the development and latest tools at your disposal.

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We are the best Agent to work with besides James Bond. Ophir rev Revolution is spearheading

our service towards the Muslim Community in South East Asia.

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Digital marketing
Website Development
Graphic and Design
Video and Animation
  • 1. We help to create visual strategies
    What is a creative strategy example?
    Image results for creative visual strategies
    Let's consider display advertising as a creative strategy example. Like any other form of advertising, the display is a competition for users' attention on online platforms, like Google or Facebook.
    As such, a creative approach is absolutely critical to the ROI of an advertising campaign.
    What are the types of creative strategies?
    Types of Creative Strategy
    Key Facts
    Consumer Problem That Advertising Will Solve
    Advertising Objective
    Prospect Definition (who are we talking to?)
    Consumer Benefit
    Reason Why
  • 2. Motion Graphics & Animations
    What is animation and motion graphics?
    Image results for motion graphics & Animation Motion graphics is a type of animation. While motion graphics describes moving or animated graphic design, animation is an umbrella term for the whole field of moving imagery, including everything from cartoons to exclamation. ... We'll also explain when to use which term when talking about motion graphics and animation.

    What is different between animation and graphics?
    Primarily, the main difference between motion graphics and animation is content. With motion graphics, Ordinarily static elements are brought to life to capture attention or to emphasize a point. The animation uses characters to tell a story and take the audience through an emotional journey.
  • 3. What happened to my design code?
    What is the purpose of a design code?
    Image results for design code
    A design code is a set of simple, concise, illustrated design requirements that are visual and numerical wherever possible to provide specific, detailed parameters for the physical development of a site or area
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30 years on the field and numbers is not enough to accumulate our achievement .

We will keep on providing our services in the most harmonious way possible to ease the tension, to give our clients peace of mind with our professional support team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

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Our Mission is to serve Muslim Community WorldWide. We have all the advantages because we are Muslim ourselves and we can feel and see the needs of other Muslims. Wherever there are gaps We will be there to fill in that gaps. Wherever there are patches We will be there to cover the patches. We are undeterred by any external factors to compete as the Market has been laid open from the beginning, but as we said now, we have a MISSION.
Our Visions are very far-fetched, we are looking in 3/three decades ahead. We have the capabilities. We have the KnowHow. We have the Source. We have the technology. We have the People. We have Manpower. We have the Knowledge. We have a TEAM. We have the Resources. We have wealth. We have the strength. We are Sincere. We will Contribute Financially. We will Give and Non-Stop Giving inshallah. We have Allah SWT
Our History is so colorful even the Rainbow envies us. We come from all walks of life. We enter the Abyss of the Business World at an early tender age. We are not afraid to fail because we had experienced so much failure as a lesson in life to be our prescription for any health hazard we are about to face. Time + Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom and not all able to attain such unless you are blessed by the Al-Mighty. Inshallah this writing will be in History rewritten

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